Prevent Heat-related Illnesses This Summer

Apr 26, 2021

With all the attention being given to protecting workers and families from coronavirus, exposure to heat can also cause illness and death. This is a good time to consider a campaign to inform workers about the dangers of heat exposure and how to prevent heat exhaustion.

Remember the three key fundamentals: Water. Rest. Shade.

The following links may serve as helpful resources materials for education sessions, job safety assessments and safety meetings.

Tips on Hydration:

OSHA's Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness - Good overview of campaign and access to resources such as fact sheets, posters, training guides, quick cards, wallet cards and heat index guides.

CDC-NIOSH Heat Stress Management - Includes overview, types of heat stress, recommendations for employers & workers and additional resources.

OSHA Heat Index App - An application from several providers that allows you to calculate the heat index at your worksite and provides reminders for taking protective measures.

Tips on Hydration - The CDC estimates that over 75% of people in the U.S. have chronic dehydration. Proper hydration has been proven to increase focus, energy and skin complexion. Tips are provided for staying hydrated including adding flavor and using a mobile app.

Tips for Selecting PPE - Industrial Safety & Hygiene News provides tips on selecting the proper PPE to minimize heat stress for workers in oil & gas, chemical and construction industries.